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The Table is set

Eat smart in just five steps.

Welcome to Eat Smart.

On the following pages you’ll find menus to help you learn a new way of eating and enjoying food in five easy steps. With this new eating style, you’ll notice sustainable improvements in your health.

Good nourishment comes from two components: the body is supplied with high-quality foodstuffs, and the digestive tract isn’t overloaded. But what does that really mean?

As a doctor, I’ve been involved with the question of nutrition for many years. I myself suffered from painful IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), and I tried everything: different fasts, diets, and medicines—all without success. It wasn’t until I tried the F.X. Mayr treatment, and changed my eating habits accordingly, that I was cured. Today I offer my patients this same treatment, adjusted to suit their individual needs.

The F.X. Mayr treatment originated with the Austrian physician Franz Xaver Mayr, who lived from 1875 until 1965. Over a hundred years ago, Mayr had already developed a clinical diagnosis for the (large) intestine and a therapy that is more pertinent than ever. His motto was “healthy intestine = healthy human.” Franz Xaver Mayr diagnosed the five most frequent eating mistakes:

We eat too fast, too much, too often, too late, and too heavily.

Modern gastroenterology and chronobiology, that is, the science of the digestive tract and the subset of biology that examines biological rhythms, fundamentally confirm Mayr’s concept.

The fascinating thing about his approach is its simplicity: if you follow just five basic eating rules, you’ll find that your gut becomes—and stays—healthy. It’s like a vacation for your belly!

EAT SMART doesn’t recommend any dietary restrictions, and you won’t have to count any calories. The key issue is, “How should I eat?” It’s very easy. You’ll receive five free “EAT SMART” menus. If you use them, you’ll become—and stay—healthy, you’ll lose weight, you’ll sleep well, and feel fit all around.

I wish you bon appetit and happy reading!
Klaus Heid, Physician

Klaus Heid, Arzt, Karlsruhe

Klaus Heid, Physician

Klaus Heid, Karlsruhe, www.gesund-heid.de