• Tips, tricks, and a training program for a healthy nutrition
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Eating instead of “wolfing it down”:
It’s all about enjoyment

EAT SMART does away with stress about eating. With five easy menus for a healthy engagement with eating, for a healthy belly, body, and spirit. Eating with enjoyment. Eating, instead of shoveling it in.

And hurrah! EAT SMART isn’t a diet plan. You can happily forget the fads like the Atkins diet, the blood-type diet, the Hollywood diet, and all the others, and instead invest your time and money into high-quality ingredients and foods without artificial additives.

And add to that a very special gift: the time that you take to cook it yourself.

You can eat everything that agrees with you. In the EAT SMART style, there are no food prohibitions, because more than half of stomach-intestinal disturbances can be traced back to our eating habits: we eat too quickly, too much, too often, too late, and too heavily.

And whoever changes her habits does his belly good; he lets his large intestine relax and retains fitness and vitality. And he also loses weight, without experiencing the yo-yo effect.

What differentiates this eating style from the wolf-it-down one?

An answer to this question will be served up in the five menus, but here’s an overview:

No more than three meals a day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner, at five-hour intervals. This allows the large intestine enough time for digestion.

To eat in a slow, relaxed, and appreciative manner: no distractions, no “to go” food, no eating out of your hand while walking. The meal should be the center of your attention.

Wholesome dishes. Everything that agrees with you can go on the menu.

When you’re full, you’re done: you don’t have to eat everything on your plate.

Dinner is the smallest and lightest meal of all: most importantly, don’t consume any raw fruit or vegetables in the evening! It’s the most difficult type of food to digest (that’s why man invented cooking).