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F. X. Mayr – treatment

The F.X. Mayr treatment regenerates the large intestine and the entire human organism. This treatment usually lasts two weeks, and over this time, one also learns about eating habits.

The digestive tract (stomach-large intestine) is cleansed, rebalanced, and strengthened. The entire body is cleansed and detoxified. Chronic illnesses can heal; vitality and joie-de-vivre return.

A healthy large intestine is the base of a healthy human being. This organ serves many functions in the body: it absorbs vitamins and minerals, is one of the main “cleansing” organs, maintains the pH balance, produces vitally important hormones, and is the most important center of the immune system.

The large intestine is an utterly important organ; its health should be a priority.

Information about the F.X. Mayr treatment can be found online at the website for Dr. König and Colleagues at www.drkoenig.com and on the website for the international association of Mayr physicians at www.fxmayr.com.

The Mayr site lists the Mayr specialized treatment centers and physicians who also offer the treatment as an outpatient service.

The following are scientifically proven benefits of fasting:

longer life expectancy

fewer age-related illnesses

reduction of blood sugar and insulin levels

lower blood pressure

a protective effect on the heart

improved brain performance

improved digestion and regenerated intestinal bacteria

decreased inflammation and decreased oxidative stress

weight loss

When aren’t these all good arguments for fasting?