• Tips, tricks, and a training program for a healthy nutrition
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Kitchen wisdom

Whoever can cook, is happy.
One can learn to cook.
The sentence, “I don’t have time to cook,” is self-deceiving.
Shop with respect. Cook with respect. Eat with respect. The food deserves it; and so do you.
Only use ingredients that you like.
You don’t need any designer cooking pots; a pot only needs a lid that fits. And the knives have to be sharp.
When you cook, cook. When you eat, eat.
Trust yourself: cook without a recipe. Go grocery shopping without a list. Let yourself be inspired by what you find at the market.
Don’t try to perform wonders in the kitchen. Cook simply and according to your own taste.
Caviar isn’t worth more than vegetables; it’s just more rare. But being exotic isn’t a measure of quality.
Everything can be faked, except one’s own experiences.
Cooking and eating aren’t about ideology or fanaticism. They only ask for honesty, curiosity, and skill to produce enjoyment.
Cook and eat together with others, because keeping up social contact is more important for your health than exercise, according to a scientific study. But exercise anyway.
“Bad food is a disease with only one cure: good food.” Charles de Montesquieu (1689-1755)