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Vacation for the belly

“An organism that fasts becomes stronger,” the American (US) biologist Valter D. Longo summarized in 2012 in his research on the cancer-nutrition connection.

Fasting has a long tradition; in the Catholic calendar, the best-known fasting time is between Ash Wednesday and Easter.

But a fast or the Mayr treatment (www.fxmayr.com) is the best thing you can do for your body at any time of year.

A two-week fast each year is optimal.

The following are scientifically proven benefits of fasting:

longer life expectancy
fewer age-related illnesses
reduction of blood sugar and insulin levels
lower blood pressure
a protective effect on the heart
improved brain performance
improved digestion and regenerated intestinal bacteria
decreased inflammation and decreased oxidative stress
weight loss

When aren’t these all good arguments for fasting?