• Tips, tricks, and a training program for a healthy nutrition
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We eat too heavily:

Spare yourself the “light” or “lite” diet-food groceries; they contain the most expensive water on the planet, because they’re diluted. “Light” means nothing more than watered-down food, in which the fat has been removed and replaced with a lot of sugar and salt as flavor enhancers.

True light eating is entirely different: fish and vegetables, prepared in their own juices with delicious spices and fresh herbs, without flavor enhancers. These can include (according to what you like best) plant oils, maple syrup, balsamic vinegar, or vinegars flavored with herbs or fruits.

Meat is also on the menu, preferably every other or every third day.

Nobody needs to eat meat every day, but when you’re planning to, eat organic meat. You’ll spare yourself antibiotics, pesticides, and fungicides. In a word, you’ll spare yourself the poisons. The EU profile for organic foods allows around 50 additives; in conventional food, there are nearly 350. This is a clear argument to buy and eat organic.

You can also spare yourself the so-called “Functional Food”.

The most famous representative of this class is certain yoghurt drinks, the kind that promise a healthy colon. However, their effects aren’t any different than those provided by lower-priced plain yoghurt.

You can forget about everything that the food industry champions with its advertising campaigns; if you can’t understand the list of ingredients, don’t eat it. Eat fresh, eat light, and eat smart.


Cook gently

The sun is glowing and so is the charcoal; there are shady spots on the lawn under a tree, friends and family lounge on the picnic blanket, the scent of food comes through the air…it’s summer. There’s no question about it, grilled meat is delicious. Or if you’re a vegetarian, your mouth may water when you think of grilled vegetables.

Since scientists realized that barbecuing causes the formation of carcinogenic hydrocarbons, the grill has been in disrepute. But there’s good news from science (that, fortunately for us, investigates everything that crosses its path). It’s possible that certain marinades and herbs (like mustard, rosemary, thyme, oregano, sage, and even the beloved beer) inhibit the absorption of these harmful substances. One could also simply argue that if barbecuing on the grill were actually as deadly as often depicted, then humanity would have grilled itself out of existence long ago. Roasting food over an open fire was possibly the first means of cooking; many followed, and we’ve survived them all.

A steamer is the gentlest way of preparing food; when steamed, foods retain their favor and nutritional value best. This cooking method has existed for centuries, especially in far Eastern cuisine. Today, one can find several different types of steamers, from economically priced bamboo baskets to sophisticated electronic appliances with temperature regulators and timers. It’s definitely worth the investment.