• Tips, tricks, and a training program for a healthy nutrition
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We eat too much:

Only eat until you’re full; there’s no point to getting fuller than full. You’re full when your body signals, “Thanks, that’s enough,” with a comforting feeling.

The ability to say “no” is one of the nicest virtues. As Jean-Jacques Rousseau had it, “Human freedom doesn’t consist in doing what one can, but rather that one mustn’t do what one doesn’t want to.”

When it comes to eating, saying “no” means this: we feel well when we’re full, but we don’t need more. It’s not insignificant to think of it this way: we’re watching our wallets. Eating, rather than “shoveling it in,” means saving money, because you’ll be satisfied with less.

For every mealtime, also take some time off: turn off the TV, the radio, your iPhone and iPad. You can read your book later, after you eat. Give yourself over to enjoying the taste of the food.

Bites should be as small as possible. After each one, put your silverware down and chew slowly, savoring the food. Stop and start again. That’s how you’ll really be able to taste it, and how you’ll learn to notice the signals of fullness at the right time.

This is how you can train your own perceptions and spare your body from being burdened by too much food.

But when am I truly full? you might wonder. With a little practice, you can learn to feel when you’ve reached the point of satiety.

The slower you eat, the easier it is. Take your time, bite by bite, and remember that the more intensively you chew, the more obvious it’ll be when you’ve reached that point.

And once you’re full, then let it be. Stop eating; there’s no point in getting fuller.


Drink full

Drink full? Yes. By drinking two glasses of still water (not sparkling—carbonation causes swelling, and nobody needs that!) before eating, you can reduce the amount of food you consume. Your appetite will shrink, you’ll be satisfied quickly, and you’ll save countless calories. Your belly and gut will be happy. Water, or a cup of tea, can also drive away any in-between-meal hunger you have.